Booking Management

Bilby offers a fun and friendly interface, perfect for new users looking to connect with a group. It allows users to seamlessly engage with activity owners on a one-on-one basis, sharing personal information and securing approval for attendance with ease.

bookings in bilby management software

Booking management and administration

Seamless booking creation

Members and guests can create bookings with only a few clicks. Bilby guides users through the booking process, making it easy for new users to engage with Activity Owners.

Efficient communication

Activity owners can easily communicate with members and guests on individual bookings. Receive notifications when users comment on a booking, leaving a simplified audit trail for administrators.

User-friendly interface

Bilby has a beautiful, easy-to-understand interface to help you track your bookings. Easily communicate with Activity Owners, ask questions, or cancel bookings with a click of a button.

Timely notifications

Get notified about updates or comments added to your booking. Bilby facilitates interactions with simple notifications, ensuring you are always on top of your bookings.