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* Transaction fees are applicable to payments processed through Bilby Management Software. View the transaction fee section on this page for more information about the applicable fees.


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Try Bilby Management Software for free for up to 30 days. After the trial period simply continue onto a subscription or cancel the service. Easy!

Only pay for active members. People come and go, we believe it is only fair that you pay for users that are actively engaging in your group.

Choose the size of your group. Easily control how many members you would like to cater for in blocks of 100, and only pay for what you use.

Transaction Fees

Transactions processed

2.5% + 50 cents (AUD)

We charge a fixed fee on transactions each time a user performs a purchase on Bilby. This allows us to keep the upfront price of subscription low! For example: If you were to charge $10 for membership, we can work out 2.5% of $10 to be 25 cents. Add 50 cents to the total to give you a total 75 cents transaction fee.

Formula used to calculate percentage in above example : (10 x 0.025) = 0.25.

Payment provider

View Fees
To be able to process payments, you will need to have an account with our partner payment provider. This allows us to keep our payments secure and easy to process! It probably does not come as a suprise that the payment provider also charges a modest transaction fees. For the most up-to-date amount, please review our payment provider partners’ website by clicking the “View Fees” button above.

Whats in the box?

Your own custom Partner Site Yes
Personalised domain name Yes
Member and guest booking portal Yes
Easily administer users, bookings and activities Yes
Make and receive payments for membership products Yes
Generate CSV reports for users, activities and payments Yes
Automated system email notifications Yes
Audit history and administrative tracking Yes
Engaging socially and commenting on activities Yes
Membership directory available to active members Yes
Powerful user controlled privacy settings Yes
Activity history and booking auditing Yes
Robust dashboard reporting and user metrics Coming Soon!
Connected file storage and automatic membership access Coming Soon!
Receive payments for your Partner Site activities Coming Soon!

What is a Member in Bilby?

A Bilby member is any user that can log in to your Partner Site and also holds the status of “Member”. Users can have various statuses to describe their relationship with a Partner Site, but members have elevated access, can book on any activities, can view the member registry and comment on any upcoming activities. For more information, please review the Bilby wiki docs.

Do I pay for every user on my Partner Site?

You only pay for Members. For a definition of “Member” use the definition above. This means you can maintain a user list of thousands and thousands of users and only be charged for users with the status of “Member”. This status is always in the control of Super Admin users and Admin Officers.

How many 30 day trials can we have?

The FREE 30 day trial offer is available only once for any club, group, organisation or association. Individual users do not qualify for a trial without special approval. Once a group has assessed Bilby Management Software they are able to continue with a subscription.

What currency is the pricing?

Prices are in Australian dollars unless otherwise specified using the currency code of a country. We currently only offer Bilby in Australia, however we will be offering the software internationally soon!

How are the costs for subscription calculated?

We have come up with a fair and reasonable pricing system that is consistent and easy to understand. For the first 200 members of any group you will be charged $85 (AUD) per month. For over 200 Members you can purchase additional users in blocks of 100 for an extra $20 (AUD) per month. This will place you in a “User Tier” for that block of 100.

What is the user tier?

The subscription cost for Bilby Management Software is worked out based on how many Members you have. This is worked out in blocks of 100. For example if you have 555 active members in your group, this would place you in the 500 - 599 block.

When you are within between 10 - 15 Members of a user tier, we recommend purchasing the next user tier to prevent interruptions to your sign ups on your Partner Site. For example, if you have 889 Members, you may want to purchase the 900 - 999 subscription block.

What happens if we want to drop our user tier?

You are able to drop down at the end of your subscription billing period. If you are paying monthly, this would be at the end of the month, if you have paid annually you will remain on your tier until the end of the billing period.

What happens if we exceed my user Tier?

You can change your user tier anytime. Bilby will notify you when you are over your user tier, this will prompt you to update your user tier and allow you to add more members to your Partner Site.

Can I pass on the transaction fee to Members?

Of course. Super Admin users have full control over prices set in Bilby. When setting prices for membership, you can choose to pass on the transaction fee to members by adding the amount to membership. Users will see the total price when making a purchase.