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Updates to how you add Users on Activities

We have changed the way you add users to an activity. Previously we used a user id and now you can use an email address.

Why are we making this change?

Before this release, adding a User to an activity was a little like a guessing game. We accepted a User ID as the identifier.

When we first built this we knew it was not a good user experience but it was a feature that needed to be built quickly.

Observing usage over time, we noticed it was very error prone with many of the requests resulting in errors for users. Not a great result.

What are the changes?

User management is a core function in Bilby. We are slowly improving our processes around User management and adding new functions to help with your administration.

Now, when you want to invite a User to your activity, all you need to know is their email address! Bilby will do the rest.

What happens when I add a User by Email?

Bilby will search the membership database to see if it can recognise the User. If it finds a record, it will create a booking.

If the activity is publicly visible (see the Admin tab for this information), is allowed to send notifications and the Users email address is verified, then the User will be “Invited” and sent a notification to accept or decline the booking.

If Bilby does not recognise the email address, it will ask you to create a new user record.

To do this you just give the new user a name and then create a user profile. A booking will be created along with some auditing records to let administrators know who created this new user profile. At this stage, the new user record will have an unverified email address.


Add user dropdown Screenshot of add user dropdown

Email address modal Screenshot of add user modal

Add a new user form Screenshot of add user screen


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